On the Road


On the Road


A large-scale bike sharing system has, in recent years, become an efficient and green solution in many cities and institutions including hospitals, military bases, universities, hotels, etc.


The system spares users, the environment and operators the need to cope with roads, lack of parking and wasted gas. It also solves the problem of pedestrian mobility between various destinations and offers a balance of physical activity and environmental protection.

The number of cities and institutions worldwide that have now adopted the bike sharing method is steadily increasing.


Bike sharing will strengthen your bond with the audience you are serving, will draw new audiences and will improve your employee well-being. Encouragement of physical activity of the users, and concern about the environment – reducing pollution due to use of bicycles instead of engine-driven vehicles, reducing vehicular traffic and traffic jams in your area will tremendously enhance your image.


Cities are not the only ones that can benefit from the advantages of the bike sharing systems. Institutions such as universities, hospitals, military bases, large factories, vacation sites and hotels, parks and other large facilities that have limited parking capacity, can make life easier for the populations they serve, offering easy, efficient mobility.


New York, Washington, London, Paris, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv, hundreds of cities around the world have already assimilated a bike sharing system. The system of renting bicycles for short period of time is a vital transportation need in an urban environment, saving time and money while reducing air pollution and providing an alternative to motor vehicle traffic.

In addition to caring for resident well-being, these cities are creating another channel of revenue while also gaining an image of being innovation, environmentally-friendly and young.


The agenda of a student and the academic staff is largely based on mobility. Academic institutions host thousands of students on a daily basis, young people who cannot afford to buy and maintain a vehicle, as well as the teaching staff, who do not want to maintain a vehicle. The bike sharing system allows them to remain mobile around campus, to easily arrive at the nearest train station or dorms, saving time and money.

Vacation Sites and Hotels

Many hotels and vacation sites offer their guests sport activities as part of the service and range of vacation experiences.

Offer your guests bicycling in various facilities in the complex. Encourage them to become familiar with the site outside the hotel by traveling on suitable riding routes. Refer them to the shopping centers and suggest that they travel to recreational sites by bicycle as part of the vacation fun.