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On the Road

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When discussing equipment and technology, logistics is the name of the game. As a company that began its way in logistical solutions, we are today at the global forefront with equipment manufacturers in the bike sharing industry. When you are considering an operating system, equipment or technology, you can be confident that we will offer you the most efficient, advanced and relevant tools for your needs.

Stations and Terminals

Smart stations are stations that are connected online to the control and payment center, allowing purchase of daily or weekly access with a credit card. The bicycle release process is carried out at the stations with the subscription card, chip or user code. Activation is recorded in the system and when the user returns the bicycle to any of the stations, the transaction is completed in the system. The smart stations have been successfully tested, are visible and can be used as prime advertising space, since they are located in popular areas.

The computerized system in the terminal will be flexible, user-friendly and multi-language.

Smart Locking System

The locking system technology allows every user to be identified in the system through the smart card, credit card or mobile phone, thereby releasing the bicycle and to obtain information about the various rides and charges.

The customer returns the bicycle to any of the locking stations and the system automatically reports in real time the conclusion of the rental, and stops billing, sparing the customer the need to call the service call center to report the location of the bicycle or end of the ride, as was the case in other systems. The locking system is smart and reliable, capable of self-checking at all times and of issuing reports to the main system in the event of a malfunction.

Billing System and Website

The flexible billing system allows for various pricing and billing models. Different price levels can be created and separate charges can be incorporated for initial access and additional charges for length of use, based on the key that you decided upon.

On the website, every customer has their own personal zone to which he can connect. Every customer, whether annual subscription or random customer, can view all rides they made, the length of time for each ride, the starting point and destination, and to view their billing history.

Bicycle release through the application

The application we developed has been adapted to the iPhone and Android operating systems. Through the application, bicycles can be released directly from the mobile phone without needing the terminal, to purchase an access ticket or annual subscription, and to report malfunctions.

Management system for field technicians (hand terminals)

Field technicians are equipped with advanced terminals that allow them to perform numerous actions in the field, such as inventory management and balance between stations, bicycle release, accept queries and reports, and report management of said queries and reports.

The hand terminals of the field technicians are state-of-the-art work tools that help them efficiently manage their time and tasks, and automatically report to the control center. The hand terminals save time and facilitate clarity and information from the field in real time.


An efficient system that helps the company manage its customer relations in a professional manner. The system documents all customer data. If necessary, the system interfaces with the telephone system of the service call center, allowing for a fast and targeted response to the customer during the call. For every customer call, the service representative can immediately upload the customer’s personal data, obtain information about his characteristics, such as age and place of residence, patterns of use of the system, such as previous information about rides, subscription expiration dates, sending of alerts regarding subscription renewal, billing, etc.


A perfect system for planning bike sharing resources and data processing. The system includes financial management, logistics management, inventory, customer relations management, billing systems, budget, essentially all elements required to manage the bike sharing system.

During the system setup, we successfully implement the software so that it meets your organizational requirements.