On the Road


On the Road


The vast experience we accumulated in setting up and operating a bike sharing system allows us to offer you consulting services and expertise so that you can choose how and with whom to set up the system based on the best plan for you.

Our consulting consists of several elements, of which you can select one or more.

When discussing logistical consultation for a city or institution that wishes to set up a bike sharing system that we are making available to our customers including business models, feasibility studies, field planning, installation, selection of technology and optimal work methods that are adapted to the conditions available to you.

Let our expertise work for you. As an experienced company in all stages of selection and construction of this type of system, as one that has in-depth knowledge of the field, we can help you bypass obstacles that we had previously faced.

Business Model

preferred business model. The model differs when discussing municipal authority, private company or public organization. Will the system be subsidized, will it be based on advertising, will it be operated by subcontractors, etc. We will present you with all suitable options for your preferences and the nature of the organization and community to be served by the system.

Feasibility study

Should you set up a bike sharing system? How much demand can you expect? What is the profit tension at which you will operate? What costs should you take into account? Where do you begin? Many questions that must be raised prior to the setup of the bike sharing system

We will conduct a dedicated initial strategic study for you that is adapted to the site and field in question. We will examine such parameters as potential target audience, optimal deployment for your system, approvals and licenses required, ‘key players’ in the field, local suppliers and companies that should be engaged, stages in the setup and implementation of the system, etc.

Based on the strategic preparation, you can choose to launch the system based on reliable and measurable information.

Process Oversight

You’ve decided to set up a system. You’ve chosen a business model, contractors and suppliers. The time has come to begin. We will manage the process for you, oversee the various parties, their price quotes, performance of their work, and compliance with timetables. Our oversight is based on experience and in-depth familiarity with the field, so that you can devote valuable management time and remain relaxed that a professional is closely monitoring and overseeing the rate of progress.