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On the Road

Construction &


We offer our customers a holistic solution based on construction of a smart, efficient, safe and reliable bike sharing system that is accompanied by accessible, friendly customer-service.

The service is modular, and you can choose to accept all or some of the components in the process.

Station Construction

We provide the planning for station construction, prepare the site, coordinate between engineers and ensure the physical construction of the station from the foundation and until its operation.

System Planning and Location

We study and map the proposed site, and identify optimal locations for bike stations. The planning takes into account the following parameters: connection between requested destinations, convenient routes, option for optimal transportation, future expansion potential, etc.

Transportation and Maintenance

The logistical system that supports maintenance and transportation of bikes between the various stations in the system are among the most significant parameters in the user experience, in system reliability and safety. We are aware of this fact and have therefore developed an efficient mechanism for maintaining a balance between the stations in real time. We do so using a transportation system that is connected to the field, tow trucks, motorized rickshaws, incentive plans, etc. so that bicycles will be transferred to the areas with high demand throughout the day.

We also developed structured methods for maintaining a high level of maintenance, mechanisms for cooperation to encourage reports from riders, a daily check of stations and of bicycles through motorcycles in the field and picking them up for required repairs in a garage.

Setting up a customer service call center and employee training

In order to establish the system’s professional infrastructure, we will thoroughly train the various work teams, each in its field, including field technicians, support, maintenance or customer support representatives. Each of the employees will undergo theoretical and hands-on training, allowing them to provide responsible service and optimal performance.

We will help set up a customer service call center and assimilate a computerized system to manage it. The system is based on providing 24/7 service and support, remote assistance in the event of a malfunction and an available response on any service-related issue in the field. Service center employees will undergo professional training on technical operations of the system as well as on service-related aspects.

The Implementation Plan

Once a decision has been made to operate a public bike sharing system, an experienced specialist will be required to coordinate all of the operations required to facilitate a smooth operations. We propose to you services such as business plan development, selection and operation of equipment suppliers, planning and identification of locations, attraction of investors and sponsors, creation of a marketing and PR basis, creating expectations among the user public and launch of the system.